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Friday, November 9, 2012


  A great experience awaits me, has indeed begun already, for even if I have not arrived at my final destination; I left home, sunny South-West France, 4 days ago and said my last goodbyes yesterday in London. As I write this I can't help thinking what the future may bring and my impact on molding it.
  There is only my adventure now, an all inspiring and promising future, for as long as I can make it shine. Well I say inspiring, there will always be the duller moments and I don't expect it to be trouble free. No, my view is that the duller moments give us bearing to define the more exciting ones and as for the troubles, everybody knows how much satisfaction and growth one gets from the over coming of them.
  Right now is an anything but inspiring 6hr transitional low in Mumbai airport. It could be a lot worse actually, it always can be, I'm sat in quite a comfortable armchair in a huge sparse hall of metal and glass where the seats are separated by luscious plant pots and palm trees and with air com to boot. Shouldn't be complaining really.. but then again I'd be neglecting mankind's greatest talent if I didn't.
  Speaking of complaints, why is travelling always such a bore?! I never manage to sleep on flights and travelling isn't what it used to be (haha I sound so old!) No but seriously, nowadays everybody is plugged into something or another and nobody just wants to have an old fashioned non gagetal enhanced conversation! I used to love sitting next to randomers and chatting for hours about meaningless subjects. Some times you met really interesting people as well or got to do that "I don't know you so I can tell you anything" type conversation and get a load of your chest as reward. I like talking to strangers, you always end up learning something even if it is what Not like to be.
  Anyway I'm just setting the seen, what with having spent a completely sleepless 9hr flight, on all sorts of pain killers and wearing my extremely tight, hence very sexy DVT tights. Which flattering as they may have been to my calf's, still uncomfortably restricting for the rest of me and I had to continuously do the same monotonous walk once an hour to get the blood circulating to my foot and swollen ankle. Oh, just in case your not a member of my family or friend checking my online "dear diary", I'm on my way to India with a 9 stitch gash on the outside of my ankle from where I've just had my, last life's lessons', pins and plates taken out.

  If the idea of a still open wound in a country which, let's face it, isn't winning prizes for it's limpid streets, cleansed living and non-polluted air comes over as being worrying, your wrong. I'm not even troubled by the idea that it might get infected! Know why? Because OCD clean France beat India to it! If having a professional nurse come every day to change the dressing and washing with antiseptic shower gel can't keep infection at bay, I don't know what can.

  Yet here I stand, 4 days later a mere 6616km from home, on antibiotics. My gammy leg soon to be introduced to the kind Indian family, who I've never met before, that are having my arien looking self and my "hope not soon to be amputated leg" to stay for at least 3 months. My Visa allows me 6 in all but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, I've been told New Zealand is a beautiful place in the the summer, not to mention Thailand...

I'm waiting on the last stint of "this" journey, my primary destination: Kolkata, East Bengal. The Son,who's only a couple of years younger then me, and driver shall be picking me up at the airport. I'm not worried about them spotting me, the unmissable blond beacon that I am.

I just want to get there now.

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