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Friday, November 9, 2012

A sensual storm

  Stepping off the plane was like walking into a hurricane, sensually I mean; It was night but still at least 30 degrees, a hot condensed air that seems almost tangible for the weight it has upon you. Then the smell, it wasn't particularly bad, just particular. Even today I can't describe the smell of India, it's a mixture of such intense smells; spices, sweat, fumes, flowers, smoke... What I can say is that the intensity takes your breath away and that I imagine you either love it or hate it. Then again they say that is the way of India.
The overriding fusion of sound, smell, color and humid heat is what marks ones first steps in India. If you think this changes with time as is generally the case once we are accustomed to something, you'd be wrong. No, one comes to think of the bustle and noise as the ordinary but it never dulls down in fact for the most part it intensifies as if to reach the ears of the very gods which mark nearly every day of the year with another celebration. Holidays are far from rare here and food is of the utmost importance.
For the minute, I'm a lover!

  First things first, leave the comparisons of the West behind. I'm in a different country now, another continent, a whole new world. It's a difficult feat because as humans we're constantly comparing one experience to another. Even in school we're taught to back our ideas and explanations with examples and antagonists. Points of reference to aide comprehension. The only thing we can not compare/remember it seems are emotions.
  Well to be able to appreciate India to the full I know I have to be able to see it through a new set of eyes, their eyes. The melting pot of cultures and religions that course their way through the inhabitants of this peaceful country is the very definition of understanding. Of course there is segregation,  probably more profound then any where else in the world between the rich and poor, a continuous proof of the non forgotten caste system. I'm not saying they're particularly unscrupulous either, which questions their honesty, but then again money often does that.  Be that as it may the Indians seem to live happily, at peace, the indifference of difference that reunites them in their cohabitation. Where else in the world are there over 300 religions and 2000 dialects in the same country?!

Anyway I may have to come back to this speculation after having seen all there is to see. Well that's essentially impossible, but after having a more profound and traveled understanding.
From now though, I'm to be an Indian. Work starts on Monday, I'm to live one kind of the many sorts of lives lead out here. Every day will bring something new, that is moto of my travel.
Carpediem all the way!

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