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Kolkata, West Bengal, India
21yrs old Born in England, Brought up in France. BScEcon, Marketing at University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Traits: Smiley, annoyingly optimistic, altruistic, open minded, pragmatic, agnostic, ironic, perfectionist, knows he can be pretentious, stubborn and sardonic. Traveler, experiencer, novelty junkie. Carpediem to the core.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another'S Eye

My eye to be precise. 
My perspective and life I lead, the paths I tread and people I meet. My opinions, questions and thoughts. 
As I officially abandon childhood dependencies and known comfort zones, I set off on an adventure, an experience and opportunity to the other side of the world.
Here I share my story, through the most daily and common occurrences to the exciting and extraordinary.

A mother's wish:
I didn't come up with the idea to this subjective and egocentric collection of experiences all by myself. No, as my organisational and home-going communicative skills are far from exemplary, my mum, worried that she would not talk to me until Christmas (if she was lucky), forced the idea of a blog upon me. After being very dismissive about releasing my personal accounts for the scrutiny and analysis of others I decided that I wouldn't be the first to get naked on the internet (this is a metaphor gaga) and as well as being the perfect way of giving my news to friends and family, maybe others would benefit from it too.
In my own search of the unknown I hope that you will be able to experience your very own adventure. Albeit through my cultural lens and descriptions you will be able to absorb, relate and imagine these tellings in your own unique way through - another's eye. 

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